Monday, February 14, 2011

keeping it sweet and simple on valentine's day

as early as 5pm, downtown NY was bustling with people rushing out of their office buildings and presumably excited to head to their dinner reservations :) i looked like i was playing dodgeball as i walked back to my building after running a quick errand. H and I didn't bother to book any reservations cause (1) prices are jacked up during holidays like this because of their dinner specials, dinner packages, promos or whatever clever wordplay (2) he didn't want me to stress about where to eat cause he said he wanted to surprise me :) so his sole instruction was to head home right after work.

this is not the first time he cooked for me but it never fails to melt my heart every time :) the table setup was simple basically because we have no special china or dinnerware yet :p just ikea chic hehe :p

i'm a super fan of his mom's chile relleno and he knows that so it was really sweet of him to make my favorite dish for this day :)

since i really like chile rellenos and this was his first time to make one, i was afraid i might have to pretend i like 'em so i won't break his heart :p but heck, they were really good! he thought i was just being appreciative of his sweet gesture but they were really good and i know cause i always order chile relleno whenever i miss his mom's cooking :D

H and I love to dine out once in a while but I prefer a home-prepared meal than a fancy dinner especially during special occasions :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman makes for an awesome valentine's day gift :D

Two of my favorite things collaborated and I just can't afford to miss it = wonderwoman and MAC :) I'm not into make-up but I'm a woman and I also believe in making yourself presentable.

So there I was by the booth checking out the shades of their lipglasses and lipsticks..

And H usually helps me pick out stuff but I should've taken it as a sign when all of a sudden he was suggesting that I get all that I wanted cause he noticed how I kept trying to limit my choices at a minimum. So I thought it was a bit odd but I went with it anyway and then when we got to the counter - he surprised me by paying for them! He knows I don't like flowers and he knows how picky I can get sometimes so he thought this was the best way to get me something :) It was really sweet :D It is nice to have someone who gets you and your quirks :)

So this is the cute little bag that I brought back home :D

MAC Wonder Woman and my Wonder Womanshirts :)

looks like Wonder Woman would fight for the "Obey Me" nail lacquer :p

with the size of these lipglasses, I think am set for at least 3years :p they're almost the same length as my GalaxyS android phone!

lipglass wonder woman, athena's kiss and emancipation

Valentine's day is still just one sleep away but I'm already kilig :D Happy Hearts' Day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wanted: the photoshop disaster dvd cover edition

lookie what I stumbled upon..

oh my.. looks like a sad attempt to rectify the disaster done on the movie poster

wait, rectify? or wrecktify? get it? :p

Saturday, January 8, 2011

why mycupofhotjava?

because both the programming language and the drink are part of my daily thrill :) and hopefully someday get the chance to visit the island ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

capping the last night in chicago with a drink

strawberry-mango frozen margarita is just heaven in a glass :)
just what i need before i go back to New York and back to the daily grind


Saturday, January 1, 2011

curls and revelations

i have really fine, straight hair so it's usually just wash and wear. i don't even know how to use a hair blower :p and i used to have a flat iron to straighten my hair but then i eventually realized how pointless that was. until recently, i saw a clip that you can curl your hair with a flat iron! :D so i asked one for Christmas and H gave me one :)

first attempt - didn't go as well as i imagined it would but not too bad for a noob :D

second attempt - i was lazy to part my hair the first time so i would curl it in bulk which i
s why i think it looked half-assed. this one turned out to be a tad better. practice makes perfect :D

and thanks to diligently parting my hair that it has been revealed to me that i am...... slowly turning to a silver fox! i found my 3rd strand of white hair >.< no need to fret tho cause i like the image of a young face crowned with all white hair. i think it's very kick-ass ice queen hehe! or that's what i'd say to myself at least ;p


Friday, December 31, 2010

welcoming the new year with a new home :)

this is all a part of one of my resolutions for 2011 - which might be posted here :) but let's not forget that i said might :D

my old site had a good run although sporadic at best hehe :) but as i said in my farewell letter, it is indeed a time for change. and what better time to do it than the turning of the new year! excitement ensues!!

happy new year everyone!! :)